Our goals are to promote ongoing fiscal responsibility and transparency and to encourage parishioner generosity of their time, talent, and treasure through involvement in events, committees, consistent contributions and to establish bequests.

Finance Council

Chair:  Kim and Dana Skjonsby 

Members:  Joan Fingler, Lynnwood Cundall, and Randy Franke


  • Buildings and Grounds Chair:  Randy Franke
  • Financial Promotion and Fundraisers Chair:  Lynnwood Cundall

       Members: Marcel Van Loo, Larry Johnstone, Theresa Fernandez, Kevin Keating, and         Gail Dodds

  • Estate and Bequest Committee Chair:  James Trobert

       Members:  Dustin Hall, Connie Wheeler, Gail Dodds,, and Cindy Dalziel

  • Legal Advisor:  James Trobert
  • Finance Office Administrator:  Cindy Dalziel